About the Firm

  • “Hedin LLP has extensive experience in class actions[.]”

    -- Hon. K. Michael Moore, U.S. District Judge, in Luczak v. Nat'l Beverage Corp. (appointing Hedin LLP class counsel in federal securities class action)

  • “[Hedin LLP] provided excellent and thorough representation[.]”

    -- Hon. Beth Bloom, U.S. District Judge, in Groover v. Prisoner Transportation Servs., LLC (Section 1983 civil rights class action in which Hedin Hall represented proposed class)

  • “[Hedin LLP] achieve[d] a valuable settlement for the Class.”

    -- Hon. Celia G. Gamrath, Circuit Court Judge, in Olsen, et al. v. ContextLogic Inc. (approving $16 million non-reversionary class action settlement)

Hedin LLP represents everyday people in litigation against the world’s largest companies.

In less than eight years, our attorneys have earned a national reputation for innovative and relentless advocacy and have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for consumers and shareholders across the United States.

And we are just getting started.

We take the tough cases, and confront head on today’s most complex, cutting-edge issues of data privacy, consumer protection, and marketplace fairness. Tech giants stealing biometric data. Crypto-currency fraud. Banks taxing the poor. Boardroom complicity in the opioid crisis. Our firm is built to represent everyday people against the most entrenched corporate interests in America.